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Drive-in-cinema in Haugesund

At the very end of Haugesund Film Festival, there is a Drive-in-movie at Amanda Storsenter, just outside the City. This years picture was Dinner for Schmucks, an american comedy of a rather dubious quality. I had taken the trip down from Trondheim with Kosmoramas trusted Erneman 15 projector to be the evenings designated projectionist. Here are some pictures from the event.

Filmen klargjøres før visning.

Preparing the film before screening.

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Norwegian Cinemas are going digital

By the end of next year all cinemas in Norway will be 100% digital. This means among other things that the projectionist will be absolete. I guess we will have to find other jobs.  Also, on a more aestethic note it means that these:

will be replaced by these:

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