Top 10 films of 2010

As 2010 is about to go not so silently into the night, it is time to look back and try to recognize the 10 best films of last year. Well, to be honest, the 10 best films I saw, as i have still not seen such films as Black Swan, The King’s Speech, 127 hours, Somewhere or even Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. I’m sure at least one of those would justify a place in the top 10, but hey, it’s a new list in 2011! For now, this is the list in alphabetical order.

The Ghost Writer Roman Polanski deliveres a rock solid thriller that is right up there with Chinatown and Frantic. Great music, great locations and a wonderful cast makes this one of the best thrillers of the year! In fact it’s arguably only beaten by:

Inception One of the most imaginative movies of the year is also one of the best. A mindbender of a film, but also strangely tangible. Include one of the best set designs since… who knows and you have a sure thing for the Oscars.


This mostly overlooked danish prison film is worth checking out, if you get a chance. One of the hardest, meanest films I have ever seen! And halfway through it punches you right in the guts. You never see it coming…

A Single Man The prettiest film of the year is of course made by fashion designer Tom Ford. Colin Firths tour de force as a teacher mourning his dead partner is indeed the greates performance of the year! That the Academy cheated him for the award is probably the biggest overlook of the decade.

The Social Network A film about Facebook? And it’s good? Who would have known!

Submarino The second danish film on the list, the danes really knows their social realism! I knew nothing about this film going into the theatre and it blew me away! A worthy winner of the Nordic Council Film Prize 2010.

Toy Story 3 Not quite as good as Wall-E, but still as good as animatied films gets. I saw it in 2D and didn’t miss a thing!

Trolljegeren The only norwegian film here is probably the silliest film on the list. It’s a mockumentary about trolls and the guy who hunts them! It’s great fun and probably the film I have laughed the hardest of this year.

Two for the Road I know, it’s technically not from 2010, more like 1967, but I didn’t see it until this summer. It was the highlight of the Bologna Film Festival for me, and thats not bad considering the festival is probably the best festival there is!

Winters Bone This years sundance winner is carried on the sholders of nineteen year old Jennifer Lawrence. A real breakout performance in this cold, dark tale from the rural US. Its dark, gritty and hopeless and without a doubt one of the finest films of the year!


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