Top 10 films of 2011

Meek's Cutoff

Meek's Cutoff

As 2011 is about to go not so silently into the night, it’s once again time to look back and try to recognize the 10 best films of last year. Well, again, the 10 best films I actually saw. It is almost a problem that I see so many older pictures and usually it’s frowned upon to include oldies in these type of lists. And I have yet to see films like The Artist, Nadir and Simin, Melancholia or Pina 3D. I’m sure at least one of those would justify a place in the top 10, but hey, it’s a new list in 2012! So, without much more of the ado, here is the list! And just to mix things up a bit, the films are presented in the order they were seen.

Another Year  Mike Leigh would quite possibly have topped this list if I started with number 1. As always with his films, the main selling poitn are the performances. What is the film about you might ask, well it’a actually just another year. Thats all. But the last scene of the film is what’s really doing it for me. It captures the films essence in a way that I have never seen before. If you havn’t seen it, come on! Just see it already.

Inside job The only documentary on the list is the academy award winner of last year. You might thing that a documentary about the financial crises in the US would be a bit dry and also hard to follow for a foreigner, but no. The film does a great job explaning everything. And Matt Damon is the perfect voiceover. But other than that, I have never been so angry after a film ever! And that is a good thing.

Incendies I was not prepared for this Canadian melodrama. It might be over the top and a bit far fetched at times, but I bought everything the film threw at me and the shivers I had at the big revelation, oh my! I never see these things coming!

The King’s Speech A film so tailored to the Academys liking, so calculated and button-pushingy and yet so wonderful. The perfect sunday matinee picture with great costumes, a cast to die for and the most brilliant cursing of the year!

13 Assassins If you thought the samurai genre was dead, Takashi Miike will convince you otherwise. A band of 13 assissins set out to kill a very evil lord. That’s about it, and that’s also more than enough. Two hours of non stop Cinemascope action! It’s bloody, muddy, filled with pathos and heroism and I loved every minute of it!

Meek’s Cutoff A slow western about a party of settlers in Oregon who are lost. Nothing really happens and you just sit through the film absorbing the cinemathography and the wonderful performances by the actors and especially Michelle Williams. Also for the cinema geeks it’s good to know that the film is made in the Academy aspect ratio! (However the theatre I saw it in didn’t have an academy lense so I had to see it in widescreen…)

Super 8 Bring out the popcorn! Probably the film I was most excited about last year, and it did not disappoint! I felt as if I were twelve again. It should have been the E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark or even Star Wars for the new generation. However, I suspect that Super 8 was more of a nostalgia trip for my generation.

Oslo 31. August Joachim Trier is by far the brigthest star on the current norwegian movie sky. His second feature is arguably even better that his debut, Reprise. Oslo 31. August deserevs all the praise it has receieved and then some. Maby the strongest contender for the best film of the year!

Play Not quite as good as Involuntary but almost. Play is a difficult movie to watch; so slow and painfull. Kids react very differently to difficult situations than adults and you just want to scream at them: “walk away! Don’t let yourself be bullied like that!” But its no use.

Insidious I have never been so scared from a film in years. I have seen my fair share fo horrorfilms over the years, but this was just brutal. Seeing it in a full theatre on a horrorfilm festival probably didn’t hurt either:)



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  1. Hm. Denne bloggen oppdaget jeg først i dag. Flott blogg, og glimrende innlegg, med “to be watched”-liste!

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